Plants & Planting.... ever heard of Botanica Intimidata?

Ever heard of Botanica Intimidata

  • Plants and Planting bring a garden to life, we want you to enjoy the experience and not be intimidated by all the botanical Latin names!
  • We discuss with you (in English!) the plants you like, their styles, colours and textures and ask about your favourite flowers, fruit and vegetables, and the time you have available for gardening.
  • We think about the soil condition you have, its pH (acidity or alkalinity) and the aspect of the garden itself, in other words, which way it faces. All of these factors will influence your selection of plants.
  • We can make various suggestions to help keep the maintenance of your garden low and can help plan for a time when you may be less able and help your garden be a joy and NOT a burden! Then we can agree an estimated budget for plants.
  • We can find plants and trees and provide a professional planting service and can also design detailed planting schemes for you to plant yourself.
  • We can provide a list of suitable plants (with both latin and common names) which you can find yourself.
  • We can bring you a selection of plants to choose from on site, and then you with a detailed list of what pruning and maintenance you need to do throughout the year...or if you like, just call and we'll come and do it for you!
  • Whichever way we decide is the best for you, our knowledge and expertise will help find the right plants for the right place in your garden.
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